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Recommended fixed wheel and singlespeed sites.

If you would like your singlespeed or fixed wheel specific site listed here please send an email.

Encyclopaedic knowledge of all things bike, a fantastic and unique resource. Sheldon passed away in February 2008 and will be sadly missed by so many cyclists around the world.

Very useful site for seeing how your latest bike build will look.

Tom Chow's bolt-on cog conversion

Superb article showing Tom's conversion to a bolt on cog, excellent pictures too.

Clockwork Bikes

Handbuilt steel frames from Milwaukee, WI, USA.

Superb site for city cycling culture and bikes.

News and reviews from this comprehensive UK website for all things bike related.

Excellent general site and forum from the Cyclists' Touring Club.

Recreating and restoring bicycles into fantastic performance singlespeed and fixed gear street bikes.

Most popular all-round UK mountain-bike (and a bit of road/general cycling) forum.

Very popular US based fixed and singlespeed forum.

An alternative to the above, another excellent forum for fixed and singlespeed.

General site for lovers of classic mountain-bikes.

A great family tradition of custom handbuilt wheels continues.

Great news site for fixed parts.

Leeds based fixed wheel news and forum.

Superb UK fixed wheel news and reviews site.

London based fixed wheel forum.

Rider owned friendly bike forum for all cyclists.

Devoted to classic UK and Italian lightweight bicycles.

London messenger meets MC Rush Hour

Strangely addictive footage of a courier working his way around W1, London.

Lee's a highly talented graphic designer with a superb understanding of the bike trade.

The Bicycle Garage: A Guide For Bike Riders

Kevin's Guide For Bike Riders.


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