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VeloSolo samples

We have a collection of sample or soiled parts at reduced prices including saddle,.chainrings, spacer kits, handlebars etc. Please see this page for full details.

October 18th: VeloSolo stock news - bars and tools

Back in stock today are all options in VeloSolo Riser Bars and all colours of Track Tools.

October 2nd: VeloSolo stock news - spacers and chainrings

Back in stock now are VeloSolo Singlespeed Spacer Kits in all options as well as all the five piece spacer kits. Also available again are nearly all VeloSolo chainring options.

September 28th: VeloSolo stock news - Disc Cogs & new items

Back in stock today are VeloSolo Cro Mo Disc Cogs in all sizes, supply has been very erratic so please purchase while they are here if you have been waiting a while!

And a couple of new lines are Nitto bar end plugs and Premium Team Grips.

July 24th: VeloSolo 7075-T6 Disc Cogs back in stock

Back in stock today are 7075-T6 Disc Cogs in black, red and gold. These are now available in 3/32" widths too in 16t, 17t & 18t.

July 12th: VeloSolo Polished Track Tools

We have a very limited number of these now available.

June 6th: VeloSolo Singlespeed Spacer Kits

All combinations of spacers kits except for Rasta are now back in stock. New colour purple now available too.

March 20th: VeloSolo Chainrings, Disc Cogs, Track Tools

We have just received a large delivery of VeloSolo parts. Back in the shop today are virtually all VeloSolo chainrings previously out of stock and all sizes of Disc Cogs including 3/32" 16t and 1/8" 18t. Also new in are VeloSolo Track Tools in purple.

Dec 8th: Shimano DX-R cogs back in stock

Back in stock today are all sizes (14t, 16t and 18t) of Shimano DX-R splined cogs for singlespeed conversions.

Nov 9th: VeloSolo Chainrings and Track Cogs back in stock

Back in stock today are most VeloSolo chainrings and Track Cogs. Please see the shop pages for availability. Unfortunately supply has been very erratic this year and some are only available in very limited numbers so please order quickly.

October 13th: New Gebhardt and Stronglight Chainrings now in stock

New in are a larger range of Gebhardt 104mm BCD chainrings in sizes from 32t all the way to 50t. We also have a new line of Stronglight 110mm BCD chainrings in sizes 36t to 42t. Please click here to view all our chainrings.

September 12th: VeloSolo delivery - chainrings/spacers/track tools

Just received are are virtually all options in VeloSolo chainrings, singlespeed spacer kits and Track Tools.

May 25th: VeloSolo Chainrings back in stock

Back in stock are most VeloSolo chainrings, still waiting for the remaining ones but please see the shop pages for availability. Some are in very low numbers so please order quickly.

May 11th: VeloSolo Spacer Kits and Track Cogs

At long last we have all options now back in stock in VeloSolo Singlespeed Spacer Kits and gold Track Cogs. Chainrings should be here in a week or so.

April 7th: VeloSolo parts

We have just had a large VeloSolo Disc Cog delivery and back in stock are virtually all sizes. We apologise for the large number of VeloSolo chainrings and spacer kits currently unavailable, we are trying to get these to us as quickly as possible.

March 1st: Token delivery

Back in stock are all Token bottom brackets and virtually all options in Shimano fitting lockrings, steel and 7075 cogs and 144mm BCD track chainrings.

October 15th: VeloSolo parts

We have just had a large VeloSolo parts delivery and back in stock are all SS spacer kits, chainrings, riser bars, headset spacers and Disc Cogs. New in stock are Velo leather saddles in tan brown.

October 1st: stock update

Back in stock are Onza pedals in all options, Restrap lock holsters and horizontal straps, Kalloy swan neck stems, Shimano DXR cogs. We apologise for the limited choice of VeloSolo spacer kits, we hope to have new stock very soon.

June 3rd: VeloSolo delivery

Just received back into stock are all options in VeloSolo Road Chainrings and 7075-T6 bolt on Disc Cogs.

April 15th: many parts back in stock

Just arrived are many Token items including lockrings, grips, pedals and cogs. Also in are most colours of Oury grips as well as Zenith Crescent bars.

April 10th: various parts back in stock

From today back in stock are Zenith threadless BB's, R369 brakes, Tange headsets and all Andel singlespeed cog options.

March 27th: VeloSolo delivery

Just received and now available again are all options in VeloSolo Track tools, singlespeed spacer kits and virtually all chainrings and bolt on Disc Cogs.

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